1901: “Egli Bros. Import Export” is founded. Focal point at time was the trade and import of products from China and Russia

1959: Joseph Egli, direct descendant of the founder, identified the need in these countries for industrial production equipment and founds the company Joseph Egli AG with the aim of exporting production machinery to the communist countries

1986 : Joseph Egli Italia srl ​​è stata fondata nel 1986 dal Sig. Joseph Egli, titolare della Joseph Egli AG, azienda che risale alla “Egli Bros. Import Export” fondata nel 1901.

1986: Joseph Egli Italia Ltd was established on 1986 by Mr. Joseph Egli , owner of Joseph Egli AG becoming a general contractor (comprising know-how, licences, the entire technical installations, assembly and training) for industrial plants:

  • pencil factories
  • whole works for the production of kitchen furniture
  • washing machines
  • dental powders
  • toothpaste and cosmetics
  • calander works and plastics processing factories.

This was the beginning of activity as general contractor.

1987: Joseph Egli Italia Ltd focus its activity in the field of environment protectionon and in particular on the waste water treatment and recycling.

The worldwide encreasing demand in this market consolidates the Company’s vocation to interrnational markets

1989: First plant for a Cosmetic industry. Uzbekistan

First Plant for an Electronic industry. Czech Rep

1990: The political changes in  the  traditional  market  made  suggest to adapt the business policy.

and Joseph Egli Italia Ltd becames independent, even if still cooperating with the former mother-company

First Ultrafiltration Plant for an Electronic industry. Slovakia

1994: First Plant for an Hospital. Czech Rep

First Plant for a Slaughter house. Spain

First Plant for a Food industry. Spain

1995: Firts Plant for a Steel mill. Czech Rep

First Plant for a Textile dyeing and finishing industry. Spain

First Plant for a Glue manufacturer. Spain

1996: First Plant for a Cheese productor. Italy
First Plant for a Tannery. Italy

1996: First Pant for a Municipal Wastewater Treatment. Rumania
First Electrocoagulation Plant . Galvanic industry. Italy

1997: First Plant for a Winery. Italy

1998: First Plant for a Grape juice production. Chile
First Plant in Mexico for a Textile dyeing and finishing. Mexico

2001: First Hydrodynamic cavitation pretreatment. Mexico

2003: First Plant for Textile printing. Mexico

2005: First Active sludge MBBR treatment Plant. Cheese factory.Italy

2006: First Plant in Africa. Municipal wastewater treatment. Angola

First Plant for a Paper & Cardboard Industry. Italy

First Active sludge MBBR treatment. Brasil

2007: First Plant in India. Textile dyeing and finishing. India

2016: The new HQ are based in Altavilla Vicentina, Vicenza, Italy

2016: Joseph Egli joins a Group specializing in water treatment and Waste to Energy supported directly by an international Private Equity with large investments in Europe and North America. A secondary production and logistics office opened in Arcugnano (VI)

2021: The Group celebrates 120 years of the Parent Company Joseph Egli GmbH. Important investments are planned in solid waste treatment projects.

2022: The company definitively moves to Dueville (VI) – Italy

Attualmente siamo un'azienda con una forte competenza internazionale nella gestione delle risorse idriche. Abbiamo rapporti commerciali con oltre 70 Paesi.