Plants for Small Activities

In Our Facility in Altavilla (Italy) we manufacture all the Range of products dedicated to Customers who need to treat Waste water  up to 10cm/h: Carwash, Mechanic's Workshop, Trainwash, etc.


We know that customer satisfaction is linked to the quality of the experience they have with our Company and our products.

Therefore when we develope a new product, we think to the complete life cycle: Pre sale, Installation, Operation, Aftermarket, Disposal.


In addition to pay maximum attention and care in the development and manufacture of products, we have a strong commitment in planning and provision of Support Services.



Biological and Fisical Plants manufatured by JEI

Nixia is the first «Water Washing Machine» and an example of Pragma Blue Group desire to propose new ideas.


INixia works like your washing machine at home.

Nixia separates pollutants from the water as well as your washing machine is able to wash your laundry:  you put waste water inside, put the detergent (premeasured powder contained in water-soluble envelope) and start washing. That's all. 



Once separated, pollutants are automatically collected in bags and dewatered, so it’s very easy to dispose off.


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