Over 35 Years of International Experience in Water Treatment and Reuse

In the last 35 years Joseph EGLI has supplied several hundred Water Treatment Plants and gained much experiences in water field all over the World.

Joseph EGLI is proprietary owner of large know-how and Patents developed Worldwide, offering innovative/environmental-friendly process technology solutions and high level Consulting Services on the best water treatment for any industrial application.
Plants and equipment are customized to fulfill Client’s specific needs. Egli means sustainability, we offer complete support in ESG iinvesting according with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) principles.


Over the years we have been specialising in:

  • Water and wastewater treatment by advanced anaerobic and aerobic biological treatment
  • Water and wastewater reuse by membrane filtration
  • Waste to Energy Technologies
  • Evaporation of concentrates
  • Composting of biomass
All processes are designed assuring:
  • High efficiency
  • Reduced foot print
  • Minimal running costs
  • Minimal chemicals requirements
  • Automatic process control
Zero Discharge Plants

Professional small plants

Plants for Industrial Sector

Our works are conducted in such a way as to guarantee economic feasibility both in terms of dimensions and in management of the system, with modern technology and reliability.
In addition to our normal after-sales services, we assure expertise, consultancy and assistance in the management of the system, both public and private.
To maintain our position as forerunners in this field, we work together with universities and research companies in Italy and abroad. This assures a continuous technological update, verified by our pilot systems.

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